We have exactly one thing to say about Paris suing Fox News

Even more ridiculous is that so many of my fellow countrymen/women think that their extreme version of free speech has given them more “freedom”. In reality you see more hate groups/speech than ever, a completely corrupt, oligarch run political system, and “quality of life” scoring that’s more in line with “developing” nations… There’s also a reason that white Americans are so fanatical about “free speech” too…

I’m pleasantly surprised to see so many comments siding with Paris. I wasn’t expecting it here.

I don’t know why American and English media keeps comparing the American and French ideals for Free Expression.

In America, you can say almost anything you want without consequences. In France, you can say almost anything you want without consequences, as long as it benefits White Catholics.

To equate Charlie Hebdoe as the Fox News of France immediately labels you as someone who just doesn’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Maybe your intentions are good, but try to curb your American/centric ideological fixations. If Angry Pete was serious and even knew what a Charlie Hebdoe was, I would take it as a real insult. But, as Mr. T would say, “I PITY DA FOOL!”

Yeah, do they have two-way streets wherever it is you live? mirrors?

Well you can’t claim to be “the press” if your aim is to make stuff up and not be held accountable.

You can be a parody but you’ve named yourself FOXNEWS, so bit it.

No, I am French. I live in France. I eat fucking cheese. Thank you for your illuminating reply.

According the World Press Freedom Index 2014 the US rates 46 globally while France is 39, Australia is 28 and Germany 14 (link below).

Btw censorship for obscenity is still censorship.


That’s why I specifically mentioned ‘freedom of the press empirically measured’ as an example of us not following through on our ideals. It is one of the areas, among others, where our theoretically excellent standards simply don’t make it into production. Doesn’t make the standards less excellent; but it does make the reality worse, and is a shame generally.

I wondered why they’d apologized. They “report” made up bullshit propaganda every day and never apologize. So I figured something was up and that it was probably something that could potentially cost them money.

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Sorry. You’re wrong. Not only does Stupid Speech have no antidote, but it’s also terminal.

Thank fuck you’ve come to police our civility! What did we do without your example? Granted, you’re complaining about what you too engage in, but hey, you’re doing it with an adorable accent! Free pass for you! Everyone else humbles to you!

Obviously, you misunderstand what’s at stake here

Paris will sue not to supress free speech, but to make sure Fox news information is debunked as false.
It’s about proving your argument and avoiding libel.

You can’t say false things without being called a liar that’s all.
If Fox news can prove the no-go zones, one way or another, they’ll win…

Otherwise, they’ll have to compensate Paris for having done harm to their reputation through lies.

No Streisand effect either…
I’m worried that in the name of free speech, people stop thinking by themselves.
Or was it a stunt to make sure the article was read ?

Trolling, I call this…

Like my daddy always said: The perfect defense against charges of libel and slander is the truth. If Fox is indeed doing journalism, they should go to court and prove their case.

Otherwise, they should dissolve their organization as the propaganda mill that everyone knows it actually is.

But to re-state the obvious, the free speech laws that protect “them” also protect my favorite rabbis.

It might be that people are just siding against FOX News rather than really for Paris.

In a way you can. I catch the NYT, WaPo, Economist, Guardian and many others doing it all the time either through weasel words, hiding editorial voice in reporting or lies of omission.

OK. Let’s play.

Xeni is a terrorist sympathizer who has condoned the murder of innocent children.

There, I’ve said it. What will she do now? Sue me? How would that help anything? I’m a source of no legitimate reputation (just like Fox), and the charge is just an incitement (just like Fox).

Wait, should Fox sue me?

How about everyone ignore me and we’re all better off?

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says the guy who has never read Charlie hebdo…

… from broadcasting false information worldwide (including in France)

(I felt adding a few precisions to your sentance was important)

That t’wernt Fux, that t’were Niggle Farridge, the leader of the British Tea Party (aka UKIP). He was being interviewed on Fux, he seems to be its current darling. He also said that arranged marriage and FGM was rampant, quoting a documentary broadcast 4 years ago as his source.

You have to remember that this is the leader of a party one of whose members claimed that the spell of inclement weather we had at the start of last year was the fault of homosexuals for wanting to marry. There was a UKIP Weather Twitter account for a while.

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Friend, the context you added changed the subject. It was a response to someone else, and not to you.

Precision? Bullcrappe. The English word for that is arrogant. Perhaps there is a translation you can add for precision?

You’ve been here three days. I’m afraid that was an own goal.

for encore, please sit on your own balls, again.

I was referring to this “news” story: http://rt.com/uk/223839-fox-news-emerson-apology/

It is so difficult to keep on top of the tidal wave of filth issuing from the Right Wing. :smiley: