France's new surveillance law creates a police state


Does anyone know what French version of Reddit (and, therein, /r/restorethefourth) exists out there on which I might follow the discussions on this? I feel like there’s too little cross-pollination of ideas between Anglophones and Francophones these days.

This is getting so repetitive, it’s getting to be like Surveillence Mad Libs. [Country] just adopted [Acronym], a law limiting [Freedom] and giving unaccountable government analysts [Power, plural].


But without the fun LMAO part.

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L’état, c’est froid.

Frenchie here.
I don’t know of a french equivalent of reddit, but there are french people using reddit in french:

I’m afraid Jeremie’s fears are founded and this is just legalizing what is already practiced.

Up next : “Any State administration in France now has the right to turn on your cellphone’s microphone and spy on you anywhere at anytime”.

Horrible. I say always leave the cellphone in the bathroom. If they want to get shit on you, let them have it.

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As dje states, when was France not a police state in practice? At least since WWII, France’s police powers have always been much more sweeping than what the US and UK have since become comfortable with.

Comment ?!
Why did no one tell me !

Source, links ? Anything ?

Also, what is the US equivalent of the CNIL ? Granted nowadays they are more concerned with Google and Facebook’s behavior than with what the intelligence agencies do.

This headline is misleading, it should be “France’s new surveillance law reveals it’s a police state”, not that it suddenly is one.

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About France already being a police state : I can only agree. French police repression techniques, weapons and doctrines are one of France’s important exports (see the history of the doctrine of counter-insurrection since the colonial era, or the known examples of french enterprises selling their surveillance tools to authoritarian states). All the police-justice-anti-terrorism circus around a purported author of “the coming insurrection” is another recent indication. Or the repression against environmental activitsts (ok, the USA are still number one in this last matter). Take your pick.
Maybe you already know this, but when the uprising took place in Tunisia, then interior minister, Alliot-Marie, generously proposed that France share his “savoir-faire” in matters of police and riot-control with Ben Ali and his crew.

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