Weird Paul explains 1970s-80s print catalogs to the post-internet generation


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This would be even more amusing if my mailbox wasn’t still full of print catalogs.


yeah, seriously. this guy is clearly still wayyyy ahead of his time.

Wow, he records on VHS and rips to digital for upload. Dedication for the VHS look.


A couple my parents were friends with had one of those crazy laugh heads. I never quite got the joke. How did you know you were supposed to pull the tie? They had it positioned directly over the door separating their original house from the new add-on which was twice as big. They never refilled it, so eventually it just laughed at you.

I wonder if they still have it. Updating it with a motion detector could be a huge improvement.


Really you still get giant phone book size department store catalogs. Because that’s clearly what is being discussed here.

Uh ohh… Now I’ve started down Weird Paul’s rabbit hole of excellent vids.
Thanks Xeni.

On his ‘30TH Anniversary of the Video Camera’ he films himself with his original camera. Great look.

No other catalog could compare to the 80’s DAK electronics.

Luckily, the DAK web page keeps the old catalog style.


I still get phone-book-sized catalogs of electronic parts. The department stores around here have all been replaced by Wal-Mart and Target. Sadly, I no longer receive my free Radio Shack catalog every year.

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Probably because they’ve been fighting off bankruptcy for 15 years… They can barely afford to keep the light on, never mind mail out free anything.

This guy is a Pittsburgh legend. He has literally been doing this since before “vlogging” was a thing.

I want one of those proton packs!!!

The one from the 70’s was such a nostalgia blast - the Quiz Whiz, the Little Professor? I’d tots forgotten about those guys. I think I had a Little Professor. And the photos of the digital watches - I remember when those were all the rage. My cousin got one for Christmas and was telling us the time every three minutes - “Now it’s 2:46 and 10 seconds, 11 seconds…”


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