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What version of Android and what browser? Discourse only supports Android 4.1 or later devices.

Hmmm, phone says Android 2.3.5, “Internet” (default web browser that comes with the phone) 2.3.5. Not sure why they’re both the same.

We shall prevail

I will take a close look at your community guidelines and follow them closely

It is possible to Like a “this discussion was automatically closed” note.

PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THAT! Sometimes, the closing of a conversation is the best thing about it.


I posted a text passage here, noticed belatedly that it had lost all its linebreaks in pasting, tried to edit them back in, and got an error “Body is too similar to what you recently posted.”

I assume that this is an antispam/antiflood measure that doesn’t differentiate whitespace, which is reasonable, but it seems like a bug to apply it when comparing a post to itself.

(I worked around by adding snarky commentary and then editing it out five minutes later.)


I have tricked this “feature” by re-typing a single word.

Seconded. It’s feckin annoying

Generally, that means the linebreaks weren’t really there in the original text but were an artifact of whatever was displaying that text.

Generally that’s true, but in this case they were present in the edit view but not in the preview/final post. Eventually I added a blank line before the three definitions, and the BBS suddenly decided that it was actually an ordered list and applied appropriate formatting. Delete that blank line, and it reverts to printing everything after as one paragraph. Bizarre.

Many features of Markdown work at the paragraph level, and a distinguishing characteristic of paragraphs is that they are distinct from each other, e.g. have line space between.

See http://superuser.com/editing-help for more.

(that said, the preview should nearly exactly match the final rendered post, if it does not, that is a bug.)

Is it possible to add more formatting options to the tool bar on the editbox? Like table tools and such. It would have made a few things a little easier with the roleplaying game a few weeks ago.

Tables are not supported in Markdown.

hmm. I’m confused then. I was talking about this sort of thing

Tables do not exist in the spec, however some markdown implementations have extensions for this (for example: https://stackedit.io/ ) , markdown allows you to mix html so in theory this could work


However I believe @eviltrout stripped out the support for this in the sanitizer per @codinghorror’s instructions. You can still ghetto something with pre formatted text

heading1   heading2
--------   --------
col1       col2

This leaves a few options

  1. Give up on tables
  2. Write a plugin for table support
  3. Write a patch for Discourse with table support (with a site setting)
  4. Use preformatted text (just type 4 spaces followed by stuff) but it is very ghetto

Bug report: When I look at my own “all posts” view (via Firefox), I see the entire list of posts repeated twice (ie, three total instances). I presume that’ll be a fairly obvious coding error.

What is a “system” notification with a pencil icon?

Pencil icon means edit, just like it does on the bottom of your posts (those you can edit). So the system edited one of your posts. Click the red edit indicator in the upper right of the post in question to see what changed.

I know we just instituted a change to copy all remote linked images to local images so they don’t die from bit-rot – does your post contain an image?

I have a pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner, but I cannot click on it (although I figured out that it was the image that changed). I tried it in both Firefox and Chrome.

The community here (including you) asked that we disable that functionality. Sorry! The details are here:

edit: wait, do you mean on your own posts? You should always be able to view revisions on your own posts, otherwise there is a new bug.