Welcome to Night Vale scouting badges


The gender roles encouraged in Nightvale seem alien to our society…

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I know they are just patches and anyone can wear them, but why don’t they make unisex patches? I don’t see the point of having girl and boy scout patches.

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It just follows the story. The Night Vale boy scouts are a mystic cabal (with ranks like “Dark Scout”, “Weird Scout”, “Blood Pact Scout” and “Eternal Scout”) while the girl scouts are subversive action heroes.

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As a former Boy Scout, I think I earned the Invisibility Badge without trying.


looks around wildly Who said that?!


I would like all of the girl scout ones. Which reminds me, I haven’t listened to the latest episode yet.

“Private Johnson, I didn’t see you at the camouflage training.”
“Sir, thank you, sir!”


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