Well it's not a criminal trial

…but it’s a pretty good start.

Justice Dept won’t Seek to get Lawsuit Over Torture Interrogations Dismissed the Way it Usually Does


“I was told for years that my activities had saved lives and prevented attacks,” he said. “And now I’m being denigrated by some of the very people who pushed me to use harsher measures.”

Nice to know those of us who fought the Bush Doctrine were so easy to ignore before Bush left office. :weary: I didn’t know your name back when you were doing this stuff but there were plenty of people against the torture, surveillance, and wars back when you were in full swing.


You didn’t know we were easy to ignore?

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Depends on the circumstance I guess? I was easy to yell at on the highway with my 8.5x11" informational signs in the rear window of my car.


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