Wells Fargo also defrauded 800,000 car loan customers and stole 25,000 cars


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We need a corporate death penalty.

We need C-suite execs serving custodial prison sentences.



Fuck you Otto, I’m glad I tortured you!

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Serious story but Hee hee nonetheless


House arrest. Lock them in at work until they sort it all out.





RICO? Jail? No–pay a fine, move on


What truly shocks me is that the shenanigans have been exposed for at least a decade - suspected for at least twice as long…and people still bank with Wells Fargo, BoA, Chase, etc. instead of moving to say, a locally owned bank that often treats one better than the big boys do.


Meh. I’m a member of a pretty-good, local credit union. They’re better but in order to stay competitive, they can’t be THAT much better.

Just imagine if people (who already interact across the globe constantly on social media) were actually able to organize for one day. Nobody really gives a shit though.


Well, that and it used to be harder to get into some credit unions back in the day.

I’m a member of two excellent credit unions. I’m sticking with the first where I used to live mainly because they’re so great. I wish I’d had the advice or brains to have done it back when I was 16.


I blame society.


I remember watching old western movies when I was a kid. In a lot of them the bad guys were holding up the Wells Fargo stagecoach or robbing the local Wells Fargo bank…
Looks like Brecht was right all along - ‘What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?’


You’re just another suburban punk

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