Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf resigns


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The US taxpayers are still bailing out the Big Banks & Wall Street. Not one of these criminals has spent a day in prison.


Er, isn’t that $200M - or million dollar bonus?


So the bank’s “toxic culture” is going to be fixed by another guy from the same culture. Big changes ahead, folks.


And Cory’s Canadian, which is British-lite, so he could conceivably be using the old British billion (a million million), making Stumpf’s parachute worth $200,000,000,000,000 or $200 trillion.


Not impressed.


See you in court.

LOLOL, sure thing. Right after we put Dick Cheney on trial for war crimes.


I can only hope and pray that this is like a political resignation, and means charges are coming


“Do you know what your sin is, Mr. Strumpf?”


So, golden parachute?


He’s Canadian.


Nothing less than prison time, an actual custodial sentence.

I propose one day for every person who had false accounts created on his watch.


That’s a life sentence for economic crimes.

I kinda like it.


I just started at WF, I will apply for the CEO gig when it posts.


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