Wells Fargo whistleblower describes bank's culture of blackballing threats and coerced corruption


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/10/08/wells-fargo-whistleblower-desc.html


It’s the American Way!!!


Wells Fargo: too big to obey the law?


This will go on your permanent record


Talk about burying the lede.



Good god, for once just put them in jail.


…bankers are the sort of people you expect to be breaking unions, not joining them.

Bank tellers are not bankers, they’re low-wage customer service reps.


Reminds me of Primerica


A guy who now works for another bank told me that when he worked at Wells Fargo he was under constant pressure to sell and that he was always afraid of losing his job because he refused to do it. He said that he “prayed every day that I could find a job at another bank”.


“racketeers seed on open shops” what does that mean? Maybe I’m missing something?


Clearly they’re concerned about the practice of Racketeers finding open shops and filling them with chia seeds and dirt.


Working with the public is stressful enough without sales quotas on top of it!


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