Werewolf zombie wall-trophy




That’s great for showing off your hunting skills during a full moon, but the rest of the month it just looks like this:


Three hundred years ago
I thought I might get some sleep
I stretched myself out onna antique bed
An’ my spirit did a midnite creep

You know I’ll never sleep no more
It seem to me that it just ain’t wise
Didja ever wake up in the mornin’
With a ZOMBY WOOF behind your eyes

Just about as evil as you could be

I’m that creature all the ladies been
Talkin’ about

They all seek for shelter when I come chargin’ out

Tellin’ you all the Zomby troof
Here I’m is, the ZOMBY WOOF

Tellin’ you all the Zomby troof
Here I’m is . . .
Reety-awrighty, he da ZOMBY WOOF
Reety-awrighty, he da ZOMBY WOOF

They said aw-reety
An’ they was aw-righty
An’ I was a Zomby for you, little lady . . .

I got a great big pointed fang
Which is my Zomby Toof
My right foot’s bigger than my other one is
Like a reg’lar Zomby Hoof
If I raid your dormitorium
Don’t try to remain aloof . . .

I might snatch you up screamin’ through the window all nekkid
An’ do it to you on the roof, don’t mess with the

I am about as evil as a Boogie Man can be!


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