Wetsuit that looks like a suit


At first I have the strongest desire to surf in this.
Then like most flashy gadgets common sense kicks in and I realize I do not need it.
Still a super cool concept and brilliant gag.

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The cost is slightly prohibitive for a gag, alas.

Oh my. None of my suits cost $2,500. That’s dollars, not yen, right?

The amazing Alex London aka Corvus Crux makess lovely wet suit dresses .

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Maybe I spoke too soon the other day—Cesar Romero’s Joker was just ahead of his time.


Bonus points for rocking a Rolex Sub with the Bond nato strap. Undoubtedly, the scene from Dr. No would’ve featured 007 in this suit had it been available at the time.

Bond’s strap wasn’t wide enough. It looked terrible.


holy crap, that’s egregious!

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