What do we mean when we talk about home?

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Several years ago, novelist Richard Ford wrote a contemplation on the meaning of ‘home’. Had to go internet digging to find it—here it is, teaser excerpt below:

But more important, is it so bad if we don’t have a rock-solid sense of home? Or only have a weak one? Or maybe just don’t have one yet? Home-less-ness is always imagined, in our security-obsessed era, as a bottomed-out and desperate state, akin to being a man without a country or to a life like a character in a Beckett play or that figure in the Munch painting—gaping, yawing, moaning, at-risk pointlessness. Only I wonder if all the residents of that state think it’s so bad? I bet not.


I’ve really enjoyed this series. I have never lived anywhere near L.A., but the stories are “relatable.”

Looking forward to the next season.

My one complaint: There’s soemthing about the format of the MP3 files that my portable player doesn’t like. They play fine on my desktop system.

Oh yes, the house on the hill, Shirley Jackson wrote a lovely story of the place that will always be home to me.


My mom had that book.

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ah the beautiful memories that never go away and fill your every moment for all eternity.

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