What do YOU call these tiny land crustaceans?

My kid calls them rolly-polies. When she is not around I call them those annoying fuckers who keep eating my strawberries. Beer traps are highly effective. I only bother with the strawbs, everywhere else they stick to decaying vegetation and that’s a good thing.

Seriously though, don’t eat these and don’t dump the dead ones you removed from your raised strawberry patch in any place where you plan to grow food. Whatever you call, them, they love eating heavy metals in the soil and store said heavy metals in their bodies.


You said the magic word!

Now that I’m an adult, the fire insurance verse cracks me up.


Always known them as woodlice.

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Where I was raised, wedged between the Adirondacks and the Thousand Islands, there were universally called Pill Bugs. But in the Finger Lakes and Western NY, they call them roly polys. :slight_smile: I wonder if the borderline is somewhere near the pop/soda line that runs north/south somewhere west of Syracuse?


Pissebedden, lit. “Bed pissers” is what we call them in the Netherlands. Because of that urine smell.


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