There are assorted Happy Mutants who really, really don’t like being unexpectedly faced with images of spiders and other arachnids.

But there are also plenty of us who think that our webby friends are cute, cuddly, and altogether lovely.

So, when you feel the urge to post some spidery goodness on another thread, don’t.

Post it here and put a link to this in the original thread.

When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression
Spider preparing a fly for dinner

When I catch a spider, I rehouse it under the cooker cos our building is cursed with these weird, trilobite looking things that live in the wall cavities, so I figure me & Mrs Spider can come to a mutually beneficial relationship.


Those thing eat other bugs you know… youre probably just feeding them. Making then stronger.




No, they’re much bigger and have more legs. Fuck knows what they are, but they’re goddamn impossible to get rid of. There’s so many old ducts in our block, they just seem to migrate from floor to floor, lurking behind the kitchen bins and under the cookers. So I set the spiders on them.


These things? House centipedes? I hate those things.


No one likes them but they’re the good guys!! They eat other nasties!! If only they didnt move so fast or have so many legs…


No, but eew. I’m not at home, so I can’t snap a pic of one, but feel free to play identify the bug! Keep em coming! They’re about an inch long, tapered towards the back, and have lots of legs. They’re a sort of nut-brown colour. I’ve never seen em in any other place I’ve lived, so they might be aliens, I suppose.


Dermestid beetle larva?


Nope, but if you kinda cross that with a woodlouse and lose the hair.


They may be the good guys but those things really give me the jibblies. I need a serious chaser now.

There. That makes me feel better.

I’ve read that approximately 10% of people suffer from arachnophobia and that it stands to reason that there’s a 10% at the other end of the spectrum, but I can’t use the term “arachnophilia” without feeling compelled to explain that I don’t want to have sex with spiders.


There is nothing more fun than watching a little TV with my radioactive giant mutant spider.



Might as well revive this one.


I’m in the camp that finds spiders lovely to behold. Jumping spiders are my faves, they’re almost like a spider muppet. Surprisingly intelligent little things too.

In some parts of the US there are golden silk orb weavers, which are gigantic (this one’s body was around an inch long - the leg span was nuts), sometimes look like they have tiny skulls on their heads (or hockey masks), and are quite beautiful:


Okay, I’m curious now, let’s see a pic of these little guys!


I love the scientific genus name for those: Nephila. Some taxonomist realized they deserved a name as elegant and regal as they are.


They are gorgeous spiders.

I wish the Salticids had a different name, like Octokittens. That’s my preference!


That is prety darn cute.


Orb weaver:

These ladies are a daily sight at work for me; Sydney is full of 'em. This particular one was on an island in the Torres Strait, though.

Fun fact: any time you see one, you’re probably seeing half a dozen. The males are about the size of a pinhead.

Not spidery, but my favourite self-taken bug photo. Had to spend about twenty minutes sneaking up to get this shot: