Guys at work have been feeding this huge spider for a year


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The world's oldest known spider has died

I used to enjoy feeding hapless crickets and grasshoppers to spiders. I still would, if I had any spiders that spin webs, but all our house spiders seem to be living a webless life.


Big day for spiders on BB…


Your future spider overlords will remember this kindness, and you will be spared in the coming Webbening.


Guys at work?


Not sure which is creepier: the spider, or the bro’s rape jokes.


I used to knock out flies, using one of those electric tennis rackets, in our warehouse, and pick them up to feed a few garden spiders outside. I got some weird looks from other employees and a few teases. At one point, someone changed my desktop background to the scene from “The Fly” where the the half doctor/half fly is trapped in the web pleading for his life. I stopped shortly after.


I hope they know that unlike dogs and cats and other domesticated animals…that spider will show zero empathy or kindness when its large enough to escape that tube and devour them all.


Nope. Nope Nope.


Not to be pedantic, but this spider bro is most likely female since male spiders aren’t web builders.

(In spite of this I love the term “spider bro” as it seems to roll off the tongue quite well and I like to think of it as being gender neutral in the “dude” sense).


This is exactly one dimension below watching a fox be torn apart by hounds.


I may be mistaken, but it certainly looks like that spider is carrying a large egg sac. Enjoy the swarm!


Some spiders bear live young and have an internal brood pouch which secretes milk. Give them another hundred million years and they’ll have cracked opposable thumbs and taken over.


Bah. They had 380 million years of evolution. I think they are as advanced as they are going to get.


Thank you, I’m itching already!


65 million years ago: visitor from another planet.
“Bah, these chordates have had over a billion planetary orbits to evolve. There’s no way they will evolve any further. This planet has reached its optimum ecology and there’s no place for intelligence.”
“Yes, well, better take off quick then because I don’t like the trajectory of that big lump of rock.”


Exactly one dimension? Seems like the number of differences are very significant.


The headline is enough. I don’t need to see the video.


Differences such as?


Do they use that piece of equipment?