Photos of large spiders eating bats





Cool! I can use that site to terrify TWO phobic subsets of friends, and to KILL those that fall into the intersection!!


That’s cute – eating fuzzy little mammals…
Watch out for the large spiders that eat $%^&# dinosaurs!


I am more concerned about the ones that eat hobbitses.


Nephila (taken near Khao Yai, Thailand). They cheerfully munch on birds, probably bats. You don’t have to travel far from home to see arthropods predating chordates: the big Argiope spiders in my parents’ yard in Arkansas routinely catch and eat tree frogs.


It’s a pity the article doesn’t explain what is going on in picture K. I’m curious as to whether the second spider is a male, arriving at the scene of the feast in hopes of mating with a less-hungry female, or whether it’s actually a freeloader spider, on of a number of species specifically evolved to mooch off of the webs of the larger orb web spinners, such as Argyrodes.


These are Golden Orb spiders. It’s their silk you hear about in science stories about tensile strength.
I’ve had a fishing rod bend in half after getting snagged in a nest. I say nest because their webs are generally messy, lots of them living together in a whole community.


That’s ok. I didn’t really need to sleep this year anyways.


It might just be a spider likes to fuck dead bats? After a few of those pictures, I’m prepared to believe that’s possibly a thing. And I like spiders.


Well who doesn’t, amirite?


Bizarre, absolutely, I still wonder if somewhere in the world exists a cave or a part of the jungle with a spider capable of eating a human. This freaks me out! Nature is marvelous and terrifying at the same time.


Whatever you do, don’t imagine this little guy cartwheeling up your blanket:

I imagine that its last little leap is straight to face-hugger position.


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