Flesh-eating spiders in Britain. Fish flesh, that is


Just wait til they get a taste of Englishman. The nightmare is about to begin.


It’s not ‘have come’, it’s ‘have always been here’. I’ve seen these raft spiders a few times in ponds in the UK.

It’s the giant fish-eating beetles you need to watch out for, though- bigger than the spiders, heavier, more vicious, and they can fly.

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I [smell the blood][1] of an Englishman,

Be he writhing in my web

I’ll dissolve his flesh to make my nutritive enzymatic slurry."

(Shut up, meat-food. I’ve got 8 eyes and I’ll have as many syllables in a line as I damn well like.)

(All joking aside, a spider that preferentially detects mosquitos laden with delicious blood?!?! Even in my capacity as a fungus, and admirer of parasitoid wasps, I hereby proclaim “Damn nature, you scary!”)
[1]: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19483005


Eh, we’ve had that in Minecraft for ages.

Yeah, you think it’s horrible getting a mouthful of fly when you’re biking. Nope. Ain’t no thang.

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I was far more impressed with the bumblebee saving the other bumblebee from a spider that was linked off the same page.
Although I think their free-dead-tree-daily paper is a complete waste of literally gigatonnes of resources. It’s just junk mail.

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Worse than that, it’s an offshoot of the Daily Mail.

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