Cooked tarantulas on a stick


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There would still be fights over the drumsticks in my family.

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No. Just, no.

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Those poor widdle spidums!

“This’ll never catch on, Mr Dibbler. Ain’t you got any rats?”


Why eat happy spiders? At least with factory farm chickens they finally found peace shortly before being shrink wrapped.

You think that they are free range spiders? Probably were starved for a while to make sure that they were nice n clean…


I’ve never understood why people would want to eat insects or arachnids this way, and it’s not because of some “ew, gross, bugs!” squeamishness. I wouldn’t eat a tarantula on a stick for the same reason I wouldn’t eat crab legs without cracking them first, or eat shrimp with the tails still on, or eat a pomegranate like an apple.

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Crenquis, so you are supposing they weren’t just found behind some drapes and splatted with a text book at the panicked urging of a domestic partner?

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Love arachnids, don’t eat them

In another month or so, it’ll be soft shelled crab season where you can get an an entire blue crab deep fried on a kaiser roll with its legs dangling.

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Dammit, I came here to make a CMOT Dibbler reference.
You were quicker, Nelsie, well done :smile:


I’ve seen a documentary where amazonian(?) tribesmen would go out hunting for meat, and tarantulas were their ‘plan B’.

They were lured out of their lairs by little sticks and caught 'em, wrapped them in a leaf with their legs bunched together above the body - the poison sack was removed, they were cooked on a fire, the fine hairs were rubbed off, and the rest was eaten. They used the tarantula’s chelicerae as toothpicks.

Tastes like shrimp.

Maybe if you slathered them with Nutella.

Eating roasted spiders has about the same appeal as a bowl of shit with a hair in it. Just can’t say I’d care for either one.

This just makes me sad, tarantulas are nice pets and spiders are freaking awesome at cleaning up unwanted pests in general. I’d rather have a spider in my life then a silverfish or ant any day. Heck, talk to the jumping spider that lives in my dash and goes on car rides with me, she’s big and beautiful with nice fuzzy yeti arms. The kids like to watch her dash about, which is good for longer trips…

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eeewwwww, shrimp.

eeeewwww, Nutella

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The name of your new favourite fey indie band.

If I catch 'em, I introduce them to their new homes under the fridge and the cooker, which infuriates and terrifies my daughter in equal measure.