First photo of tarantula eating a snake in the wild


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Marvel’s really going in a new direction this time, huh?




Just think of it as a small kitten with four extra legs :wink:


I think it’s rather neat, and tarantulas are not dangerous to humans. However when you see pictures of spiders eating birds or rodents that does set off my Nope Filter.

Also. Giant Carnivorous Centipedes are more aggressive and creepier than any spider.


Spiders are awesome. I’ve never had a pet spider, but I’m thinking at least they probably don’t drag half-dead birds and rodents into the house, unlike certain more conventional pets I could name :rolling_eyes:


An ex had a pet female tarantula and it was pretty cool. Not sure i’d embark on that adventure myself, but it’s enclosure was in our room and it never bothered me. We also had a small pet snake at one point and i did not mind it either.



And six extra eyes!




Giant centipedes? Like the ones that dangle from stalagtites and grab bats on the fly?


Yes, the “giant” bit is just how they’re normally denominated. It’s also in their scientific name :slight_smile:
But depending on the variety they will hunt bats, birds, small mammals, etc. are known to be fairly irritable and/or aggressive.

I’ve had to personally deal with a couple and they never failed to creep the hell out of me. They can also quite happy survive a few good stomps of a shoe.


They can easily survive, but they will not be happy.


Why look! It’s all the nope!


We’re gonna need a bigger shoe.


Someone showed me one of those (*&_!! giant centipedes that had just been caught on Oahu – yet another reason to not bother going back there.

I think I mentioned this before: DH and I came home late one night, parked the car, and went inside. The next morning I went out to the car and discovered we had parked it halfway on top of a substantial (6-8") centipede who was angry and striking out at anything in reach. It took several whacks from a ‘redneck katana’ (chunk of rebar) and a dousing in engine cleaner before we could pronounce it dead.


Gotcha covered:


Hobbits, on the other hand…