Watch this massive tarantula drag an opossum it just killed


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Shit, is Brazil looking to give Australia a run for “Oh, hell no” land?



I’m not going to sleep tonight.



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“Big as a dinner plate” doesn’t really tell me anything.

Put your hand near it for a photo so I can see scale.


Ewwwwww. Thanks Carla. Nightmares

Right back at 'ya! Here’s some Horseshoe Arachnids being drained for their blood:


Guess I won’t be visiting there. That’s premium grade nightmare fuel.


Each time it paused, it was as though it was considering killing the witnesses versus risking losing its meal.


Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.


I have to say, seeing the 'nym “nanopet” related to this thread made me do a double take. Nano nothing!!


Looking into it’s likely one of the new species that were discovered within the last few years, part of the Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantulas. I certainly would hate to run into one of these feasting but realistically tarantulas are not aggressive towards humans and overall they’re really cool creatures.

Here’s a pic for scale:


Who’s a good tarantula? Who’s a good girl?



Where’s that slacker Samwise Gamgee when you need him


They’re really mostly harmless, and I hear they make great pets! I’ll just slip this one into your bed at night…


I’ve seen bigger ones:


Whoa! Thank you for posting that because now I know about this which is amazing.


would love auto-mute on “animal carnage” videos


Watch this massive tarantula drag an opossum it just killed

Just that headline is enough to give me unsettled sleep.

Also, No, not going to.


one good weight loss tip is to decrease the size of one’s dinner plate to a more reasonable portion.