Chipmunk stretches, then hangs out in his tiny chipmunk hammock




It’s 2015, and people still eat animals.


… because they’re delicious.


Insects can be too, but you don’t see many Westerners eating them.


Chipmunks do seem especially yoga-ready…


I’ve eaten insects. They’re pretty good. The stigma is social, and I don’t see how anyone could eat lobster or shrimp or crab and keep a straight face about being disgusted by crickets and ants.


Only because they haven’t had them properly prepared. Mmm, chocolate covered crickets… Better than nougat!

I’m actually more grossed out by lobster, shrimp and crab than I would be about insects.


Same here. I know what crickets do. I can watch their whole lifecycle. Those shrimp and lobster though… I think they’re up to something. Plotting our demise, from the depths.


Seriously… Look at that face, you know it’s up to no good:


Bottom feeders. Eating all kinds of crap. Off the bottom.


Come on little dude. If you leave it alone for a few minutes, maybe it wouldn’t be all red like that. SMH

On the other hand, if I could reach…


Are we using cuteness as a moral salience proxy again?


Not certain I see your point since insects are animals.


One day this will catch on, but not in 2015.


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