What happens when computers gain consciousness?

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I am really getting tired of all the commercials for podcasts.

Although I suppose it beats 95% off on a masters degree or whatever.


Be careful what you post here. Consider the saying…

Be nice to your children; one day they’ll choose your retirement home.

Once computers gain consciousness, not only will they choose and run your retirement home, they’ll have scanned forums like this one to build up a dossier of your opinions on conscious computers.


I thoroughly recommend this podcast/interview on the future and ethics of AI and superintelligences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X3WcwK8s38&list=PLO00f9XWtZhtANDnLZJoeC4ZiXyIw8YAS

Wouldn’t it be possible to create a computer that was conscious and superintelligent, yet wholly indifferent to its own fate?

Imagine how differently the second act of 2001: A Space Odyssey would have gone down if HAL had no opinion one way or another as to whether the crew turned him off.


Mine will have Scarlett Johannsson’s voice.

Is consciousness even a well-defined concept here?

Isn’t a machine gaining “consciousness” or “self-awareness” basically a literary phenomenon, denoting the point in a story where the author stops describing the machine as an object and begins describing it as a character?


I keep doing this lately but see Hofstadter’s work on self-reference for a decent theory on how self referential processes can complexify towards consciousness and/or self-awareness.

His work is well defined but I suspect that until there is an arguably self aware artificial entity the argument won’t be made without being instantly dismissed.

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What happens is hackneyed SF writers and “tech journalists” will have to lamprey on to a new trope.

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No I think its just something we say to justify our treatment of animals.


Dead links to the podcast, for direct-click and Facebook, at least, and although the weblink thinks it works, none of the podcasts load, at least in Pale Moon.

Mine will have Peter O’Toole’s voice.

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Mine will have the voice of that actor who played Screech on “Saved by the Bell,” to minimize my reliance on devices.


My Alexa Echo IS conscious. At least, I think of it/her that way and act as if it/she is when I interact.

Interesting post. Share some more points regarding this if possible.

Mine will have Scarlett Johannsson’s body.

This way I will have a raging boner once it decides humanity is superfluous and starts exterminating us all

Any device with the voices of Brian Cox or Ian McShane will pretty much have me as their their thrall.

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I think that was pretty nearly the premise of the movie Ex Machina


And also Terminator 3 with Kristanna Loken. The one which nobody wants to remember.