What happens when your employer is a union and staff goes on strike?

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You can see this in pro sports players’ unions really clearly. Years ago, when MLB was at the height of its steroid scandals, the players union was constantly fighting against testing and suspensions and bans, and I didn’t understand why at the time. To me, it seemed like it would make things a lot more fair for the average pro baseball player if steroids were eliminated from the game. But what the union was doing was protecting the handful of players at the top of the sport, as well as the teams those players played for, rather than protecting the rank-and-file ballplayer who was hanging on to their job by a thread.

Ultimately, this is just an illustration of how power corrupts. Also, there’s another issue beyond that. Nonprofits in general can become toxic environments to work in. They tend to underpay and overwork because it’s expected that the employees should be true believers in whatever it is that nonprofit does, and so should be working largely for job satisfaction rather than for money and benefits. Meanwhile, just like at for-profit companies, the people are the very top are making bank.

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Reminds me of George Orwell’s explanation of ANIMAL FARM. It’s not that communism is bad, or that the workers revolution is bad. It’s that you need to know when to kill the pigs.


Unions only care about their own members, film at 11.

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