What if we threw a revolution, and nobody came?


Heidegger Heidegger was a boozy beggar who could drink you under the table!


Yes and no. Realize that a big selling point for his theory was that circular orbits were so much more elegant than the Ptolemaic hacks. Using elliptical orbits as Kepler and later thinkers did may be more accurate, but are ugly (if still less ugly than the retrograde motion of the Ptolemaic model).


Absolutely, people do something like mortgage their house so they can buy a bar or something similar where every asset goes into a single roll of the dice, and even when they are broke they still owe another $100,000 because there is no way to recover their costs. . Whenever I read a story profiling a bunch of broke people, there’s usually one that makes you say “Holy shit, what were you thinking?!?”

There was even a best-of-Craigslist ad for a whole bunch of restaurant equipment only slightly used by the last 5 schmucks that had gone broke chasing a dream they knew nothing about.


In fact, if you are truly wise and ultra savvy, that is exactly what you plan for.
And you hide the seeds in the cultural inheritance of those that will follow, long after your death.


I expect some teen dude from the future went back in time to save us all from that very fate.


You could probably classify anonymous in this category.

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