TOM THE DANCING BUG: The First Scientist



Thomas Dolby shout-out FTW!


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Paintings or it didn’t happen.


In the third from the last panel you can really see how Rob Schneider has let himself go.


And that Albert Einstein chap never actually put a twin on a spaceship and accelerated him to relativistic speeds to show that on his return to Earth he would have aged less than his brother…

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One of the best DBs i’ve read here.

Facts are overrated and impopular.


Well, that you know of. Some of us believe! We’ve seen the grainy images on the internet!

This goes back a lot further to the time of Aristotle. In “Physics,” Aristotle dismisses early Greek theories of statistics, medicine, evolution, and physics in favor of his own crackpot ideas. One of his big concepts was that everything has an “essence.” If you dropped a rock, it would fall to earth so it could be with the other rocks. A feather floats because it has the essence of the bird. Occasionally, this could be helpful in understanding things, like saying that steam is like a cloud, but many times these associations would be absurd. More importantly it was an excuse to ignore the rules of logic and experimental design that we regard as essential (sorry!) to modern science.


At first I thought the joke was him calling a single observation a proof…

water vapour is like a cloud ~ steam is like a really hot ( pressure relative ) transparent cloud ~ as a general rule of thumb , if you can see it , then it is condensed and a liquid ~

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