How to make a golf ball bounce 8 times higher than where you dropped it


I like Physics Girl much more than Food Babe.


…so all we need to do is stack 100 balls to get into low Earth orbit, right?


I can’t see why not.

Somebody alert NASA.

Feasible but, sadly, we can only insert a grain of sand at a time into said orbit. And assembling the sand-castle spacestation will just be so tedious. Still, it’s an advance from the straw shuttle episode.

That demonstration is about a thousand years old. Newton learned it from Galileo.

He also learned arithmetic at some point, and studied history, back around 1015 AD? He may have even learned that being off by 50% is not a rounding error.

Gallileo may also have had some things to say about people who present and defend wrong facts in the name of something more important to them personally than facts are.

if you’re not spending the time corralling your facts before you speak… what are you corralling in that moment?

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I mean seriously, basketballs, super bouncy balls and golf balls DID NOT EVEN EXIST 1000 years ago.

I imagine the reason she didn’t add a fourth ball (the little, actual super bouncy ball) to the stack is that that would have achieved escape velocity. Or broken the sound barrier, at least.

This reminds me of a valentine I sent my love just a few days ago:
If you transfer some of your kinetic potential to me, I’ll be over the moon… or something like that.

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with a lever long enough, you can move my heart. :slight_smile:


Thats what she said.


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Typical man response: “oh, it’s long enough.”

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