Watch a guy clear an 11' bar on a pogo stick

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So, a guy on a pogo stick hops over a bar.

Bartender says, “You can’t be here. It’s staff only.”

“But I work here,” replies the guy on the pogo stick, “I’m the bouncer.”


I liked that one of the bystanders cheers sounded a bit like a wilhelm scream :stuck_out_tongue:


In physics I remember the issue of the bouncing ball, where if you drop it, it cannot reach the height at which it was dropped from (unless more force is imparted, as in throwing the ball down as opposed to dropping it) so what I’m getting at is, the man on the Pogo-stick drops from a bulldozer, like the ball falling from the hand, no? So how is it that he reaches more than twice his initial drop height to get over the bar?

I haven’t seen the video, but: probably by imparting additional momentum onto the pogo by carefully-timed extension of the legs. Like a trampolinist.


Did you notice he was bending his knees? If you wanted to perfectly simulate the ball experiment, you have to strap a dead person to the pogo stick.


This is how the kids should be playing “Quidditch.”


Guinness World Record: 3’ 4"


Only to say that 11.5 foots are approximately 3.5 meters.

I didn’t notice, I thought that the most force he could exert was his weight, at least in the minutes after watching the video, now it makes a bit more sense, kind of.

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What makes this joke unique is that afterwards the guy kicks himself out.


I’d be terrified of even watching somebody fuck up such a harsh, high skill landing.

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Didn’t you play on the swings as a kid? Almost the same physics, except swingy.

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