Video: extreme pogo sticking


Okay, one probably has to be hyper macho to even try some of this crazy stuff, and it’s definitely amazing what they’re able to do with it, but c’mon guys - it’s a pogo stick. It’s just not ever going to be cool.

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Oh, I thought they were on the standard monetization trend:

  1. Niche activity develops via bearded men with scarves and “ironic” t-shirts
  2. Someone involved in the activity dies via said activity
  3. New t-shirts and stickers paper community: “Remember [dead hipster]”
  4. Video produced of “extreme” activity being performed
  5. Activity sponsored by “trendy” corporation (Volcom/Vans/RCVA/etc), equipment required by activity produced in tiers of quality with highest tier at least 10x lowest tier cost.
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  1. boring people sit at home and write about other people doing exciting things.

This is seriously cool. Methinks Jackhammer Jill needs to get in on some of this action.

It’s all about the adrenaline man… and the oxytocin.

it really seems to me that a helmet isn’t going to be much help in this situation, especially when there’s no other padding involved anywhere else.

I wonder if it’s some fundamental part of human nature to try to lessen the accomplishments of others. I guess people unwilling to do anything themselves need to remind everyone else of the purity of their inaction.

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Very cool. These pogo sticks are much better than the sticks we had when I was a kid. If I recall right, anyone over about 75 pounds would just sit there and maybe bounce an inch or two. These guys definitely have far less concern than I do about possible injuries. I am kinda surprised that they don’t at least have the kind of knee and elbow pads I see on skateboarders. Still very cool to watch though.

That is the most elequont way I have ever heard that idea put. Bravo

Possibly. I wonder if it is a fundamental part of human nature to extrapolate incorrect information from a paragraph of text.
Also, extreme pogo sticking is an accomplishment? That’s an interesting thought, and looky there–I had a thought, which means I did something today. Oh, wait, I just typed this sentence, too! I’m on a roll!

Well, I would have given you the benefit of the doubt, but judging by that second paragraph, it kind of looks like I was spot on. Sorry you feel the need to put people down for doing something you don’t consider important.

Are you being willfully obtuse? Just trolling? Please refer back to my first post in which I spoke about monetization of activity.

You’re gonna’ have to explain this one for me. I think I lack the acuity to parse the multiple layers of meaning here.

That’s quite clear, thanks for noticing.
First, the whine:

[quote=“WalterPlinge, post:8, topic:31172, full:true”]
I wonder if it’s some fundamental part of human nature to try to lessen the accomplishments…[/quote]
Cheese: “…pogo sticking is an accomplishment?”
And more whine:

And more cheese: “…I had a thought, which means I did something…” etc. Hope that helps.
I’m still torn between willfully obtuse and trolling.

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