Watch: Man scales 29-story hotel with bare hands, no safety harness

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Those are some greasy looking jams.

I didn’t mind him and his antics till I read that part.


I’m not saying it’s not crazy – it’s crazy; but with good hand-holds and foot rests, it seems less crazy than some.

Is he sponsored? Are those ads on the forearms of his sleeves?

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What this man is doing, in eschewing safety precautions such as a harness, is deeply wrong. He risks getting himself killed or terribly injured, and by publicizing his feats and giving motivational speeches he poses a far more serious risk to others less capable, less careful, or just less lucky than he is.

And by helping him to publicize his actions, by valorizing him as the “French Spiderman”, you too are encouraging some dumb kid someplace to get themselves killed. And, like him, you’re doing it for a few clicks. Feel good about that?

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I gotta have some clicks.

Did someone say “greasy jamz”?!

Spiderman going splat is his choise but there is a risk that he goes splat on someone walking by and that is way worse.



  1. There are gradations of splat. He could be horribly injured, at vast expense (presumably to his insurer, meaning other policyholders, or to the state), and taking resources from other patients.
  2. In the event of such a tragedy there’s the psychological trauma of onlookers, not just some person so unlucky as to be directly in his path.
  3. And, again, I’m far more worried about imitators, who might not be so well prepared or trained as this fellow, or might feel the need to one-up his feats to gain attention.

I’m not opposed to risky activities; I’m not saying everyone who injures themselves being a daredevil is a bad person or anything. But I am calling for sensible precautions. Someone who gets lost hiking deserves a rescue, but if they were improperly equipped, had no usable communications gear, etcetera, they’re an assh0le (while still being an assh0le deserving of a rescue). Similarly, this guy does his stunts without a safety harness because he, too, is an assh0le. And he shouldn’t be praised, encouraged, or even paid the attention he seeks.

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One day in the late 90’s, I found my way blocked as I was making it back from lunch to my office in the skyscraper district of Shinjuku. Police and security. I had to go around the building to another entrance -slightly out of my way. When I got up to the office, everyone there was glued up against the windows. Alain Robert was about halfway up the 54-floor Shinjuku Center Building. We all just stayed and watched for the rest of the climb, and the arrest as he was grabbed climbing over the last bit onto the roof.

I don’t know how long it took him, but i’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to climb the 54 floors with my legs in a stairwell in that same amount.

Impressive and entertaining for those of us watching safely from across the road - nice distraction during a boring work day. Infuriating, I assume for the security guards and police who had to cordon off the entire area below the side he was climbing and detour people trying to get back to work.

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Fuck him and everyone who looks like him!

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I think you’re conflating “greasy jams” with “stanky grooves”.


Thank you for the freshly sweating palms, it makes typing so much easier this morning.


It’s like abortion…if you think it’s wrong don’t have one but don’t try and impose your values on others. In other words just mind your own business.

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A ship is safer in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.

Yeah, and I’ll take a funky pocket any day!

It should be noted that he is 54 years old. Some might think that is well beyond the retirement age for this sort of thing, but apparently not.

Did you really just ‘tsk tsk’ for two paragraphs and then ask if your host ‘felt good’ about their manifold examples of bad behavior? I mean, really, who enjoys going online and pushing boundaries? What sort of person feels good then?

At least be brief if you’re gonna pull that shite. :wink: