Man hops up steps of 33-story building on his bike without ever touching a foot on the ground

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What’s French for: “What do you mean they have an elevator?”

Il y a encore de l’espoir pour l’humanité!

I thought he was about to throw the damn bike off the building at the end!


That’s quite a bit of hopping!
There’s a bike game called Footdown, wherein a bunch of people ride bikes in a circle, and try to make each other put a foot on the ground. If your foot hits the ground, you’re out of the game. The last person to not touch the ground wins. This guy would do very well at that game.

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This reminds me of the Super Rider segments on Ultimate Banzuke.

Climbing a 33-story building without ever touching a foot on the ground is easy.

Just wear shoes.


Video link for the BBS


Now, if he had managed to pedal the bike all the way up, I would have been impressed.

Actually he did touch the ground once as he said himself to l’Equipe : « J’ai fait une petite erreur au 30e étage qui m’a obligé à poser le pied* , confesse Fontenoy. »

Did he ride it back down?

As Jeff Goldblum did not quite say in Jurassic Park, “He was so preoccupied with whether or not he could do it that he didn’t stop to think about what the hell the point of doing it was.”

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