Gentleman kicks elevator door open, falls down shaft


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At least per the video it looks like nobody was trying to call for an ambulance… glad the guy didn’t Darwin himself but that was pretty rock stupid behavior.


China is the Florida of countries.


The non-reaction of the first few people is actually kinda weird.
I can only imagine being there and watching this go down and thinking “This is pretty surreal- maybe I’m asleep and this is a dream.”


Since China has 71x the population of Florida, I’d expect to see a whole lot more of these kinds of videos.

It must be the government censorship is really designed to keep China from looking so bad.


Or they are just inured to the daily stupid of their fellow humans?


Totally possible- I suppose it’s like me getting used to the strange people wandering about in this part of Boston. You get a bit numb.

That said: this dude flying kicked a elevator door so that he could fall down the shaft and I have a hard time envisioning a world where I’d be numb to that.

If I lived in Florida, however…


How did a Keanu Reeves character escape their fictional world into ours? Hopefully we can keep him alive until getting him back to where he came from, where he probably has to stop a bomb on the top of that building.


You think there aren’t a whole lot more of these videos? Is that what you’re getting at? You haven’t been paying attention, then. Go visit China. Your neck and head will be sore from shaking and smacking your head.



What did we learn?

Also i this video seems very familiar to me. I think there’s a similar video but it’s with a gentleman in a wheelchair, and he rams the elevator door a few times and falls down the shaft.

Edit: Yep, found it.


My regards to his family, and I hope the elevator’s feelings weren’t hurt during all this.


I disagree. That would be Russia.


I hear they’re rising and falling a lot lately. Drastic measures may be required before they even out.


You Sir or Madam are funny!


A story I was told in a journalism class: a cub reporter was assigned to write obituaries. His first was 2000 words and he was told to cut it. He cut it to 1000 words and he was told to cut it again. He got it down to 500 words and was told to cut it again. This is what he turned in next:

“John Smith looked up the elevator shaft to see if the elevator was coming. It was. He was 48.”


I’ve spent time in both places, and Russia has no shortage of high-level idiocy, but I have to give the edge to China for sheer creativity.


Last words: D’oooooooooooooooh!!! (splat)


Man, that guy got the shaft.


His anger is really elevated


Lordy, that sounds so blinkered and stupid.

Way to confirm anti-USA bias. Not that the USA needs any help with that.