How to behave in an elevator


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I never seem to have any of these problems…


Huh, I guess that just getting on and not turning around to face the doors is not the correct way to do it – thanks BB.


Shoot, I think I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.


I start a thumb war.


You got the elevator stuck on purpose…
Trapping us in here like, like…
This was the team-building exercise.
What, no it wasn’t - we were going to watch Vision Quest!


Dammit, you beat me to it.



When should I fart?

Is it right before I hit all the floor buttons as I get out?



And when do you start doing the raise yourself on the bars?


Whatever you do, don’t try to initiate conversation with anyone wearing headphones.

If you need to get out, just ride to the top and back down.


Elevator-farting is the best!


My daughter is terrified of exactly 1 very crowded elevator because the ceiling looks like the outside and it blows her mind every time. Nothing like 8-9 people packed in an elevator with me carrying a toddler crying, screaming, and shouting “no!” at the ceiling as it crawls floor to floor to the parking garage.


Ugh, sorry it’s an ad, but the candid camera bit is classic.



I add this one I have been told is a good thing to do:

If you are a man and there is a woman alone in the elevator or about to get on with you, catch the next elevator Sir.

Typically applies to hotels and apartment buildings, probably less so office buildings unless after business hours.



Strange that there are no behaviors listed regarding how soon one is getting off. I try to place myself so that I don’t have to push through a crowd to get to the door at my floor.


Can’t remember the source, but I’ve always liked the idea of stepping into a crowded elevator, facing everybody, and saying “so, I suppose you’re wondering why I gathered you all here today.”


If I am the only one on an elevator I look for a secret hiding place…