Boy gets trapped in elevator after peeing on the buttons


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Kids do dumb stuff, no real reason needed. I have many stories of kid-me doing truly idiotic things just because, no thought or process as to why.


Urine for it now kid.

I’ll show myself out.


Talk about peeing yourself into a corner.


Leave him there for at least another two pee cycles. Enjoy the aroma kiddo.


What could possibly go wrong with peeing on electric panels?


Trickle down Economics in action.


What have we learned?




What happened to just hitting every button like a normal kid? SMH.


But his parents always said he was a wizz kid!


That urine, basically salty water, is an excellent conductor of electricity and that this kid missed that chemistry class.

What would Confucius say??


Dam near blew my boogers out’a my nose laughing.


I never did anything like that, but I’m very glad I grew up before constant video surveillance.


I feel like this is an apt metaphor for people who cast “protest votes” in our last Presedential election and are now regretting it.


So, “urinating in public places” is a valid tag in Boingboing.


Hoist by his own pee-tard.


On the one hand, I feel bad for this kid on whom the weight of social media is coming down. Sure it was dumb, but it can’t be healthy to have millions of people point and ridicule a kid for minor delinquency.

On the other hand, it was pretty amusing to watch him panic when the panel went haywire. Hope the authorities weren’t too pissed.


Video game!

Like “Angry Birds” but with elevators and urine!


It’s actually not that difficult to piss above the level of your own head (though obviously some people may need to use a plumbing adapter). The difficulty is not the reason we don’t see more of it.