Amazing chain reaction marble video


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“Chain reaction artist”?!? This is a thing? I could’ve been this thing!?!?


You could have been a nuclear engineer?


This is awesome, and a welcome dose of wonderfullness :smile:


I do not think “chain reaction” means what you think it means.


Why does bouncing make me so happy?


Could you have?


Well, I’d have liked to have known the possibility existed.


I bet this person is great at billiards.


The ‘TING’ payoff at the end is what really made me giggle.


Gravity is a bitch.
He made it HIS bitch.


Look at what happens at 0:10

In high school we calculated that if you could do that with 8 perfectly stacked superballs, the top one would launch into space. Never tried it out, figuring that if we were even close to correct it wasn’t safe to attempt.


And this is why we RSS subscribe to BB.


@NashRambler @reactionabe
You could have been Diana Ross!


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