The best chain-reaction Rube Goldberg machine I've seen yet


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I see you and raise you Ok GO’s This Too Shall Pass video:


My kids’ favourite is “On The Move”:


Nope. We have our Nobel Prize winner right here! They have one for marbles, right? That was amazing!


Wonderful! I’d have to watch it multiple times to get a handle on all of the transitions, but an incredibly clever thing.


This is an oldie, but a goodie:

The link in the article is broken, but here it is on a popular video-hosting site:


Self modifying path! I love it!


Now this one is a Rube Goldberg device in the classic (Rube Goldberg) sense: it accomplishes something, however trivial.




Does anybody else identify with the poor blue marble? Man I have had days exactly like that, hell sometimes it feels like that is my whole life-trajectory.


you could say that about vacuum tubes in stores or even the auto luggage sorting in airports


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