Rube Goldberg-style basketball trick shot has 70 steps

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Not only impressive dedication, but also feels fresh with the salvaged components and nature scene. Bravo!


This was delightful! One of those machines I needed to watch multiple times because some of the mechanisms are so clever! I’m also very jealous of his house, backing on to that beautiful setting.


Wonderful thing! But there’s a guy with too much time on his hands.

(Oh, wait, 2020 - avoid the outside world as much as possible. He gets a pass.) :wink:


Lots of kid toys, so there’s gotta be a young’en around there somewhere. All this done even with one or more them time sucks around, bravo even more!


Also, an excellent job of videoing the run!

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Making a big move with the stuff he couldn’t move at the garage sale.

The drone operator must have practiced that run quite a few times as well. I am sure there were several attempts where the machine worked but the camera work didn’t.

I’m very jealous of their backyard but I can’t help thinking about the huge amount of just stuff that they, presumably, just had lying around.

I think there’s something wrong with the audio - there’s supposed to be an OK Go song playing.

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It looks like, from the end, that he was filming using a selfie stick, but I’m not sure how he did some of these shots.

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