Here's the Harlem Globetrotters' Rube Goldberg 'trick shot' machine


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Looks like they’re escalating the arms race with the Generals.

Won’t somebody please think of the children?!


There should be a law that all Rube Goldberg videos must be done in a single take. Still a cool video, though.


Mr Goldberg would agree. Mr Goldberg might also point out that hitting record should ideally set off said machine.


Very cool contraption shown in that video. Harlem Globetrotters are Kung Fu masters of basketball.


Why all the tight shots where I can’t see what’s happening? Kinda frustrating.


Obviously, the Generals were in charge of the cameras.


Yeah, so damn annoying. You can barely see anything.


I feel that I should point out that I got a Globetrotter’s autograph in the 70s. That Globetrotter was Nate Branch. So there you have it.


You should have to build a separate machine to hit the record button!

. . . i should have to build a separate machine to type this post.


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