This is the best marble chain reaction video so far

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Very clacky. Nice.

I usually don’t care too much for these marble/domino/Goldberg videos, but I really like the way this one had a lot of fun with the run winding back in and out of itself. I was really rooting for that blue & white marble right away. Kudos.


I was following intently, until about 36s, when the marble seems to spontaneously jump over to the higher blocks with no visible mechanism. Maybe I just can’t see so if anyone else can, enlighten me please. !

Yeah, that is strange. It looks like a glass marble so I don’t think that magnets are at play.

From the comments page:



Isn’t it nice when things just… work.

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oh, I think I see whats going on, based on @kaplamino comment.

Basically the metal ballbearing is hitting the stick causing the marble to be ‘flicked’ up by the impact !!

The same trick happens later but it’s much more obvious.

Pretty amazing to get the timing down so perfectly.

Are these all scratch-built, or are they sold as kits? Seems a toy manufacturer is missing the boat if they’re not.

He probably had to start it many times before getting a complete run, but still very impressive.

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