Watch this terrific Rube Goldberg magnet-and-marble tabletop demo


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I’s nice. Sad that it’s cut into segments though. I suspect the entire thing didn’t run end to end like they’re trying to present.


I am a happier person for having watched this lovely bit of work :smiley: :sunny:


Entrancing. Amazingly inventive work, especially some of those magnet gates. APPLAUSE!


I’d be inclined to believe that they weren’t built as a single device. Still lovely.


It’s very clever, and I’m at a loss as to how it works.
Why are the balls rolling in such a jerky way?


I see what you did there.



No way that’s one take. It would be 30 feet tall. Still some clever devices.


Those little cylinders beaten the balls are very strong magnets, the balls are steel, and tits all arranged in a way to transfer forces to the ball they wanna give a kick to in a way sorta like a newton’s cradle.


Wonderful stuff. Feels like it should have an OK Go soundtrack too.


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