Magnets and Marbles

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Well done 2016. You had me worried, but then you pulled out this blinder right at the end.


Best part is the jump over the spike pit. <3

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No, I refuse to normalize 2016, period. 2016 is not normal!

All kidding aside, it’s a great little setup and I love the cleverness of the work, some of which was charmingly surprising to see happen. Well done to the creator!


Old, but still gold.


We need a new way to describe this Baader-Meinhof type phenomenon as it relates to internet contagions. I, like you and many others, have seen this before - and on BB. I saw it reposted on reddit yesterday and then I saw it on several websites thereafter. We only seem to use viral to describe these things when they’re new. This is like a viral repost or something. It’s not a new epidemic type of viral but maybe more like a common cold viral.

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Viruses can remain dormant and viable for decades; I guess these are just lying around in the long grass of the Interveldt awaiting a suitable host. :wink:


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