Watch this complex marble run synchronized with Tchaikovsky


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Took me a while to figure out the plane of marbles wasn’t normal to gravity. They kept doing impossible things!


Awesome! :grinning:


That was fun to watch



I always wonder if the whole run on those extensive layouts is all on one gigantic board, or if they assemble it in parts and film them separately, then put it all together for a grand hurrah.


Probably a little of both, like…sets of 3-4 then string the clips together.


Magnets! Brilliant!
Also, a non-annoying way to use a fidget spinner.


Why on earth isn’t there a at be least 145 posts long discussion about this, how they did it, which music they should do next and what kind of materials the tracks should be?


You sound… disappointed?


Okay, a marble run to the 1812 overture would be nice. And the marbles should set off the cannons.
Video cued to the bit I mean.


Just surprised. Wonderful things mostly don’t attract so many comments as, say, the latest bullshit from the sitting US president. But still.

This was as satisfying to watch as Wintergatan. Some of their other vids aren’t, but still. Want to see more marbles. Want to see making of.


I shudder a little at the thought of how much work must have been involved in preparing this. I suppose they can cheat a little in that they don’t have to do it all in a single take, and just re-record every segment as many times as necessary, making minor adjustments for the timing until it works. But I’m sure I would have been absolutely sick of the music by the end.


Judging from their yt feed, they use a physics simulation software for fun. Maybe they did some math to get the timing right.


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