Marble run machine with 11,000 marbles


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What a wonderful, satisfying thing! Pretty sure I could watch for hours.


Needs fewer bells and more jumps.


The bells are a bit pointlesss. The whole thing makes such a din the bells are inaudible. It sounds a bit like an old weaving mill full of clattering looms.

(Or, referencing another of today’s threads, it sounds like any inner-city, trendy, large-scale bar/restaurant on a Friday night. It needs soft/rubber surfaces to replace the hard surfaces the marbles are clattering on currently. And some plush curtains and scatter cushions to soften the fall of the marbles. :wink: )

But mesmerising nonetheless, whether sound is on or off.


My kids and I love watching Jelle’s marble runs. Sadly, his youtube channel somehow lost all of its videos. He had a lot of great stuff on there. At that same Monkeytown place (it’s a sort of indoor play-place with tube mazes), he had built a run that used plastic ball pit balls, which kids could put on the run from entry points within tube maze.


All that white noise would lead to some excellent sleep induction…


It’s the answer to Hesse’s The Glass Bead Game in the same way that maybe the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about.

But I hear ya on the noise. I imagine it’s like being in a big, busy, used CD store but louder.



That makes me surprisingly happy and excited for some reason. Little glass balls falling through a large wooden structure with houseplants! I want to rip my clothes off and run around in the rain. I can’t explain it.


So noisy, such annoying noise.


And yet when I create a similar artwork using hamsters, people call me a monster.


If the biggest 2 containers (with 1000 and 10,000 marbles) are tipping at the same time, it creates a flood of 11,000 marbles!"

Why not just make the bigger container hold 11,000 marbles?


I wish I had said that.



“You will, Oscar, you will.” :wink:


They say that there is a thin line between genius and madness; but this is the work of a creative individual who certainly hasn’t lost their marbles.



You all might enjoy this. :slight_smile:


He posted on the subreddit TheOcho that he accidentally deleted his channel as he was attempting to remove an inactive Google+ page. Apparently he is going to slowly re-upload his MarbleLympics content.


I think it’s the chaotic predictability (or the predictable chaos?) that is so satisfying.


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