Sand marble racing


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They started to seem sentient after a while.


Wasn’t there one posted here a while ago that had at least 5 lead changes, with each marble taking the lead at some point and the last-place marble eventually winning? It was probably the best race of any kind I’ve ever seen.


I found that more exciting to watch than NASCAR.


Oh, that finish!


Way better than Le Tour now that Sagan is out.


I was on the edge of my seat!

It just goes to show how much the announcers add to sports broadcasts.


I tried building one of those in Minecraft, but the little cubes just wouldn’t go.


That was pretty neat to watch. Maybe a 4K camera on a sled and better sound from the track.

How do they make the track? Looks like a lot of work.


That was riveting! “Phenomenal job of blocking by Lollopop!” LOL :smile:


The announcer was really selling the idea well.


I want them to install tiny cameras at different points along the track.




Cool sport but rife with PED cheating. There’s no effective way to unrine-test a marble.


Well, you can, but then the dirt tends to stick to them and it becomes a handicap.


Looks like a lot of effort, and no work whatsoever. :wink:

I could see me doing this, are there rules? I assume there are rules.


you need to try it in Marblecraft.


The psychological effect of a camera following behind would probably cause some of the marbles to falter under the added pressure.


They might turn to silicone, graphite, or other performance enhancing compounds!


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