Enjoy this marble race

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I love how the race even had an audience in the stands.


Lost for words


Enjoyed this far more than I anticipated.


What did I just watch?

And, the split time determination and graphic, was that live? That had to be post production?
And the narration had to be rehearsed, gone over-- that couldnt be live to tape?
The production values, the presentation, the voicework… what did I just watch??


That initial orange lead got my attention. If they weren’t impermeable, I’d suspect juicing was involved.


also better than Nascar.

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Jelle’s Marble Runs is also the team behind the MarbleLympics Marble League, which is absolutely worth your time to watch. The “audience” of marbles in the stands and the taking-it-seriously commentary are arguably the best parts. The crowd noise even has different cheers for different teams.

Opening ceremonies from last year’s Marblelympics:

And some drama during the 2019 qualifiers:

(10:25 if it doesn’t start you there)

This is far better than Formula 1 - and with the world closing down, a perfect alternative to the Bernie Ecclestone’s[1] flying fag packets[2].

[1] yes - I know, he doesn’t run it any more.
[2] yes - I know, cigarette sponsorship isn’t a thing any more.


Heh. I remember back when I was a senior in high school, in gym class, the instructor had us do a 100-yard dash. I was never an especially fast runner (even though I’m a fairly fast cyclist), and so finished about smack dab in the middle. While we were waiting for the stragglers, his comment was, “Here comes the Winston 500!” Of course, back then, NASCAR was very heavily sponsored by tobacco.

Dont overthink it :smiley:
It was a good use of 8 mins of your life - more than you can say about the news today.

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