Watch these thrilling underwater marble races


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What fun!

Much ado about nothing, but brilliantly done :smiley:


The internet is awesome.


And don’t forget the value: at least as entertaining as the real Olympics; and at least $5 billion cheaper.

Unless you absolutely can’t do without a doping scandal or two; I’d say that the IOC has a solid competitor here.


Needs more corgi. :grinning:


I bet you still get scandals. There absolutely has to be a way to cheat at marble racing.


Probably quite a few; but it will take some trying to come up with the excitement and intrigue of FSB-backed shadow laboratories, clandestine experimental sports medicine; and the WADA generally goose-stepping around in the name of endocrinological purity.

Finding a magnet hidden underneath the track; or discovering that one of the competing marbles has been spritzed with a light coat of adhesive just won’t quite measure up.


I used to do this same thing using Hot Wheels track and my marble collection. Two parallel tracks, usually with jumps, often going through towers of blocks or aimed at Star Wars action figures. It had to be the most fun I ever had as a kid, and my friends loved it, too.

A few years ago my mom gave me two vases filled with my marbles. I dumped them out and started looking at them and I’ll be damned if I didn’t remember each individual one. Only some of them had names (Aquafresh, Chip, Nugget) but I remembered each of the hundreds of marbles. Sad that I can remember minute details like that from my childhood but not what I had for lunch. :disappointed_relieved:


Maybe the lunch wasn’t as wonderful as the marbles. I think you should go out and buy some Hot Wheels track. Get the volcano set - you deserve it.


Ahh, I needed that. They did a great job with the professionalism and overlays.


But doesn’t the camera drag some water with it, influencing the outcome?


Will the Netherlands go broke hosting this, just like Rio did with the 2016 Olympics?


Ambient sports really should be a thing.


What a joy! What craftsmanship! At first I thought that these were human teams racing marbles - until they showed a shot of the screaming fans…


This was a lot of fun to watch, I am getting hooked on them! The announcer is talented and hilarious, “they don’t have to get as many points as humanly possible… as … marbly… possible?” lol the stars apparently are not the human teams one of whom overslept, but the marbles themselves which are fierce competitors with goals and dreams of their own! But who would guess the Oceanics are stronger on land than under the sea? And does that photo of a bar really exist or is it a montage?


I’ve wanted to do smething like this, only using glycerine instead of water, and acrylic plastic for the rails. If done right, the plastic turns invisible.


I lost it when they had a picture-in-picture of some marbles watching the events down at the pub.


Holy shit, I’m hooked.


*Mattel stock holder