What is a "problem story" in Science Fiction?

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There’s one where it’s solved by amputation.

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The idea of a problem story in SF (if not its execution) reminds me of the locked room mystery. Similarly, other magazines had their own “problem stories”.

A sex-problem story is a story about such problems as are created by infidelity or pre-marital sex, often a satirical story in which, e.g., a wife repays her faithless husband in kind or a chorus girl retains her virginity while fleecing a millionaire, or a sentimental story in which a girl or woman is forgiven her sin on the grounds that it was committed under extraordinary circumstances. Young’s Magazine, founded in 1897 as a kind of scandal sheet, became a standard book-paper magazine in 1908 and was perhaps the first such magazine devoted largely to sex-problem stories.


so maybe in the beginning they were a reliable genre of stories, just gussied up with robots and “energy fields”.

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She and Kevin were some of the people that helped keep me sane the last time I had to visit relatives in North Carolina. I can’t express how much I appreciated that! If you have pictures, I know she’d love to see them – easiest way being across Twitter – UrsulaV.


That’s nice to hear.

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