What is the indigenous language of Mexico?

Seriously? PBR had “cachet?” Barely a step up from Schlitz, imho, but ymmv.


Did you miss the whole gentrifying hipsters thing?

PBR was a long-standing bro prop among white folks looking for low-rent urban life. Something something ironically drinking working-class beer.


Man, i am old. Hipsters ain’t hip and never were. I watched Friends occasionally to make fun of “those stupid kids” back in the day. So, yeah, i guess so. PBR has become inextricably linked to self-described “Red Necks” and MAGATs around here. (Usually one and the same folks) To me, it will always be “Why the hell do you drink monkey piss and call it beer?”


It always was a working-class white man’s beer where I’m from. Hence its working-class associations for hipsters.

And yes, of course it sucks, that’s what you get for such a low price point (as people say now. Man, i hate that term, price point).


Hey, fellow old-timer.

Yes, when we were in college, PBR was what you drank because you couldn’t afford anything else. But apparently Millennial hipsters decided it was cool rather than desperate, and so that’s where we’ve been for a while now.

ETA: guess I should have kept reading the comments before posting, huh?!

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Fascinating. Though I confess I haven’t spent ALL that much time in the Hipster bars here in LaLaLand, it seemed to me that PBR-in-a-can caught on as a low-priced alternative (often a Happy-Hour feature at $1 a can) to all the high-priced brewpub/gastropub IPAs/saisons/barleywines and whatnot.

Always PBR, always served in a can.

An evening’s drinking might thus consist of arriving at the tail end of Happy Hour, in time to pound down three-four cans of PBR at $1/can, then spend the rest of the evening nursing a single $12 barleywine.

(The real redneck beer around these parts seems to be Old Milwaukee. I remember it was what the RenFaire beer crew always drank, as it was the cheapest 12-paks they could order from their distributor.

That’s for drinkin’ at home, of course. In a redneck bar, you just order “beer”, and take whatever you get.)

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At least isn’t Heineken.

I think “Spanglish” is the unofficial language of much of SoCal.

i heard it all the time in the “beach cities”/“south Bay” area, and hear it all the time here in the OC.

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