What it takes to actually stop a determined, vengeful cyberstalker

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I am confused about this… husband flips out first and emails everyone. Then she makes up with husband and then Zonis flips out and emails everyone and stalks? Is that the right time line?


Seems like it to me, yes. Kind of surprised they reconciled but more power to them, still the whole ordeal seems surreal and crazy


Some things help with privacy:

Rent an apartment (County parcel lookups often public)
Have all your bills sent to a P.O. Box.
Don’t use real name on social media
Don’t share photos publicly
Avoid creepy dudes on the internet


Can’t seem to decide if this or the Moore thing is more depressing. Moore clearly has the edge in societal depravity and harm to a larger number of people. How many we’ll likely never know. But this… this has a psychotic edge to it that nothing I recall hearing of recently can touch. And the hopelessness, the inability of law enforcement to do anything useful, the incredible weight of effort it took just to deal with one crazy stalker. It’s too much to comprehend.


For a determined person these steps might not be close to be enough. Compared to the cost of moving, hiring a lawyer, etc. it’s quite cheap and low effort to spend some money on some services to get private information on someone or people associated with them. And these days with personal info being leaked by companies it might even be free to get some of this personal identifying info and use that to dig out where someone is or more.

There are ways to make it much harder for someone to get identifying info on you but from what i’ve read in the past it’s a ton of work.


Could be. I am going off the results of one experiment, when I rented an apartment last year. I have yet to see anything even hint at that address in my searching.

I totally believe you, it would likely work to deter some stalking. I haven’t had to deal with anything like this so i won’t pretend to know what i’m talking about, just making some educated guesses based off what i know of the ease of getting info of people from some sites/services.

The issue here is of course that the harasser already knew where to find his victim and already had her contact details.

Yes, in theory, she and her husband could have picked up and moved, changed their names (and their child’s), rented an apartment, never used the internet for anything, never contacted any of their previous friends or work colleagues, had no contact whatsoever with their relatives, changed their fields of work completely and basically become completely different people. /s

Ideally, they’d split up and put the child up for adoption too. /s


I checked out Zonis’ self named blog mentioned at the end of the Wired article, and it’s apparently a huge text wall of crazy.


Trouble is, a lot of creepy stalker dudes just seem like nice guys at first. I’m gonna miss you all if my entire gender gets banned from the internet.


Husband followed advice he found online to tell everyone about their marital problems, including Zonis’ family. I’m guessing this mass information was mishandled, and exposed Zonis to all the contact information for everyone else. Then Zonis began his harassment campaign, using it at first to gaslight Courtney into thinking Steve was ramping up his behavior after being willing to share everything. Then Courtney saw through the emails and the whole thing came unraveled, leading to Courtney and Steve reconciling and seeking professional help against Zonis.

Zonis’ wordpress is pretty bog standard GG style text walls and lies.


I wouldn’t have faulted her for just hiring someone to go break his legs. I mean if the cops can’t won’t do anything. Probably be more effective.

Most people wouldn’t know how to go about hiring someone for that, but sooner or later…


I’ve not read the article but did facebook recommend the creepy stalker to her as someone she might like to friend? Good ol’ facebook, you can always rely on it to hook you up to your past lovers/stalkers/rapists.

It’s like /. back in the day. Fond memories. In Russia, Facebook recommends you…er…or something like that.

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