What it's like to buy a real-life goblin on the Internet

Originally published at: What it's like to buy a real-life goblin on the Internet | Boing Boing

it was a living thing and that there were certain ‘rules’ attached.

It’s not clear if those rules involve exposure to sunlight or water or feeding them after midnight. Whatever they are, best to follow them.


Those rules make little to no sense, especially #3. It’s always after midnight somewhere.


I personally view the gremlins as magical creatures and as such the rules don’t need to make 100% logical sense, they just need to maintain consistency.


Best paragraph in The Fence article:

“I had the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: buy a unique birthday present for my girlfriend, one that she would definitely want, despite her repeated requests for a necklace, and also I’d have fulfilled that childhood dream to own an actual goblin. I mean, technically she’d own it, but I was sure that she’d have no objections to me occasionally playing with the goblin, feeding the goblin, singing horrible raspy-voiced songs with the goblin while she was out.”

That’s such a ‘guy’ thing.

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