What kind of weird doglike animal is looking through the window?


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It almost looks like another puppet/costume thing.


Yeah, it looks like a red, seal-like puppet to me…


Oh! Pretty sure that’s a short-snouted bandersnatch. Nice catch, not many around anymore.


It looks like a pet pig.


It’s a fish, the land kind.


I think its a dog in a fish costume. I’m serious.


It’s a sharpei or a pig.


looks like any small short snout pup to me. bull dog variety


It’s a Disney Tigger Halloween Costume for Dogs.


Okay, you’re on to something with the Tigger costume. But the question becomes: What is wearing the costume?



What kind of weird doglike animal is looking through the window?

Regarding the photograph, I have so many other questions than that.


My guess was bulldog


Looks a bit like a naked mole rat of unusual size. Or some sort of penis.


Speaking of penis, how is the guy in back supposed to be holding up the guy in front?


My money is on a dog, probably a pug or similar, in some kind of ridiculous-yet-adorable dog hoodie.


Note the “hostage’s” hands controlling the dummy dude with the gun. It’s an elaborate costume occupied by the one guy. Pretty clever.


Almost looks like it could be a red panda.


Is the short-snouted different from the frumious?